Stainless steel......Isn't

Neglecting the stainless on your boat will allow it to become rusty and ugly.  Fortunately, it is relatively easy to deal with if you use the right product.




This winch shows the effect of neglecting your stainless

Ugly winch

I bought this product at a boat show a couple of years ago.

The instructions say that you just brush it on, let it stand for 30 minutes and hose it off.  I tried that, it didn't work well.  However, when I used a green scotch bright pad, the stains came off very easily.

This pic shows a winch with the product applied by brush.

Spotless Stainless product

A scotch bright pad will easily remove the rust after the product has been on the stainless for just a few minutes.

Although the instructions say to leave the product on the stainless for 30 minutes then wash it off, I used a scotch bright pad after only a few minutes.  The stains came right off the smooth part of the winch.  The drum has a textured surface.  I will need to find a suitable tool to get into the rough area of the drum.

Scotch bright pad



The winch cleaned up well and easily, except for the textured area on the drum which I will work on next.

The product worked great on other stainless steel items as well.

Cleaned winch